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Cable & Hose Management
Mobile Electrification
Industrial Workplace Solutions



® Conductor Bar Systems

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Products for Cable/Hose Management that are
configured to your specific requirements

Cable Reels, Hose Reels, Festoon Systems, Powertrack, drag chains, cable carriers, slip rings

Cable Reels, Hose Reels, Festoon Systems,
PowerTrak Cable/Hose Carriers,
Conductor Bar Systems and Slip Rings


Products to assist with workplace
Ergonomics and Safety

Workstation Kits, Workbench Accessories, Tool Balancers, Booms, Jibs, Qualtech Products, etc

Workstation Kits, Workbench Accessories,
Tool Balancers, Torque Arms, Booms & Jibs,
Tool Support Rail & Cranes, Mobile Carts,
Qualtech Document Stands


Pre-Engineered Products Group

Cable/Hose Management products pre-configured to
the most common application requirements

Cable Reels, Cord Reels, Festoons, Cable Carrier,  Static Discharge Products, Slip Rings, Limit Switches

Cable Reels, Cord Reels, Festoon Kits, Cable Carrier Kits, Grounding and Static Discharge Products,
Tool Balancer Reels, Slip Rings and Limit Switches


Hose Reel Product Line - All hose reels

We offer quality Hose Reels for every
Industrial and Commercial application

Hose Reel Product Line

Single or Dual Hose Reels for Air, Water, Oil, Grease, Oxygen/Acetylene and Fuel applications

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